Character Creation

Level: 1 (The APs are designed to take you from level 1 to 20 or close to 20 to experience all tiers of play).
Available Sources: Advanced Player’s Guide, Advanced Guide Playtest, Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Magic, People of the Sands, and Osirion, Land of Pharaohs (If there’s resource material you really want access to, let me know).
Point Buy: High Fantasy, 20 points.
Starting Gold: 150.
Traits: 2
Drawbacks: 0 (I don’t like the Drawback system, so no Drawbacks).

Another great resource is the Mummy’s Mask Player’s Guide (It’s free, so no reason not to get it).


Over 2000 years ago the city of Wati was overcome by the Plague of Madness. More than half the city’s population died during the plague, leaving the city as a literal ghost town.

450 years later the church of Pharasma returned to Wati and established a new temple in the city’s ruins called the Grand Mausoleum. Walling off much of the original city, the Pharasmins transformed the abandoned settlement into an necropolis, consecrating it in honor of the city’s dead.

Over the next 1700 years people slowly returned to rebuild a new city adjacent to the old one, and today the living city of Wati is more than three times the size of the old city.

Seven years ago, Pharaoh Khemet III, the Ruby Prince, formally opened Osirion’s ancient tombs and burial sites to foreign explorers. Khemet III understood that adventurers who’ve traveled great distances in search of treasure typically do not return from whence they came to sell their discoveries.

The Ruby Prince’s policy has attracted not only explorers to the desert nation of Osirion, but also countless scholars, private collectors, special interest groups, and religious interests from all across the Inner Sea.

Unlike many of Osirion’s tombs and graveyards, however, the necropolis of Wati has remained largely untouched, in no small part because of local taboos and the protection of the Grand Mausoleum’s priest.

But now Khemet III has ordered the local authorities and the church of Pharasma to open Wati’s necropolis to exploration for the purpose of discovery, study, and economic stimulus. Who knows what treasures lay inside the half-dead city…


We can use Orokos for now. The dude who developed and maintains Orokos will be adding Pathfinder support in the future, but for now you can just enter your rolls manually. I know it’s a little bit of a pain in the ass, but it’s better than nothing.

SA: Mummy's Mask

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